How To Compare Web Hosting Plans

There are thousands of web hosting providers currently in business. While most shared hosting plans will offer similar features, there are some important differences between some of them. Here is how you can compare several hosting plans in order to make the right choice for your needs:

Look at the Included Storage Space, Monthly Data Transfer and Number of Domains Allowed

While some hosting plans are fully unlimited and let you host several websites on one account, others come with limitations. Be sure that the plan you choose is big enough for the type of website you’re going to build and consider your future growth potential too.

Compare the Service Terms and Not Just Advertised Prices

Some hosting providers will advertise a very low price for their hosting plans, but require you to pay for 3 years of service in advance. If you prefer a monthly subscription without any advance payment required, there are many hosts that offer it. However, it will cost you a few dollars more per month.

Consider the Hosting Company’s Reputation and Reliability

While having an affordable web hosting plan with lots of features is great, the web host’s overall reputation and service reliability is even more important. Be sure to read some reviews about the company to see how reliable their servers are and whether there have been complaints about their business practices.