WordPress – Where to Start?

If the thought of your own website and all the complex computer knowledge required to create that perfect design has you feeling anxious, WordPress might be your saving grace. WordPress is an online creation tool built user-friendly, for people in the non-technical world who need a professional website.

But, even when website creation tools boast about things like, "easiest to use", or "simple to learn" the average computer novice still has one eyebrow raised in perplexed skepticism. The WordPress platform immediately begins to eliminate any sense of doubt that an everyday person might have when deciding if they want to design their own website.

The moment you open the WordPress homepage those restless feelings of designing a website will begin to subside. A short minute and a half video will give you a general oversight of what WordPress is, and then there is a handbook provided for beginners in easy to understand – simple language.

So, if you’ve got the idea of designing your own website on your mind; relax. Navigate to the WordPress homepage and start with their short video presentation. Then, if leave through the beginner’s handbook to learn just how easy setting up a website can be.